Sunday, April 20, 2014

Learn to Drive: Day 9

Yesterday was the 9th day of my driving class and I finally succeeded to do the hill!!! :D :D :D I was so happy I wanted to scream!!! Hahahaha. Buttt it was still a bit awkward and not so smooth yet. I'm so glad I did it at last! :D At 2 PM today I will have another session with Encik Sabri, the replacement instructor. It's gonna be my 10th hour, which is also my last hour. Why 10 hours not 8? Because I only had 2 hours of bengkel, so the person who handled the bengkel session, Saiful, said that we could claim the 2 hours balance for lessons. I'm not sure if I have to pay for extra classes though. I haven't started on the route yet. I'll see how it goes later.

Yesterday was also the day my Macik Inah got engaged. Alhamdulillah... :-) The event started at around 2 PM, so sebab tu aku sempat lagi pegi kelas memandu pagi tu hehehe. Her fiance is a widower with 5 kids, my soon-to-be step cousins. Haha. He is from Kuala Penyu but teaches at a school in KK. 2 of his kids are currently studying in UMS and UiTM, while the others are still in primary/secondary school I assume. Alhamdulillah, my Macik Inah finally found her soul mate. I hope Allah will bless their relationship until Jannah. I pray for her happiness and I hope everything will go smoothly as planned, amin...

Everybody has left. Pacik Salim and Fadhli left yesterday evening, followed by Macik Zainab, Farhan, Wani and Ira after maghrib. Pacik Nawi, Akmal, Aideel, Afiq and Adib left this morning, and mom and Ain followed suit slightly afterwards. It's just me, nenek, Macik Inah and Macik Tam again. Huh... The only thing I don't like here is that feeling of loneliness again. That melancholy feeling you get when people come, make your day, and then leave again. I don't like it. I guess I'm not really a loner after all. Well, yeah, okay, I'm a loner, but not by choice. I love being surrounded by people. But not strangers or even acquaintances whom I barely even talk to most of the time. I want to be around FAMILY and FRIENDS. People I'm familiar and comfortable with. Of course there are Macik Inah, Macik Tam and nenek here, but we pretty much mind our own businesses. I'm not saying that we don't get along or don't talk at all, not like that. But, yeah, y'know, I don't know how to explain it, but yeah, y'know. Sometimes I really, really wish that Fatin or Ain was here with me. Sometimes I wish that Suzie was unmarried so she would stay here (she used to teach at a local sekolah agama before she got married) and we could go out for lunch or dinner at Esplanade Sipitang or whatever. There's not much to do around here, but at least I'd have a company. A friend. Someone that I could share my thoughts or feelings with.  But... that is a selfish wish.

Don't get me wrong, I like it here. The house is so much more comfortable than ours back in KK. It's calm and peaceful. I won't hear any angry mom screaming at her kids or neighbours fighting over stupid things like TV or whatever here. But.... I love being at home too. I love being at home because my mom is there. I miss going to the market with her. I LOVE going to the market with her. We will have breakfast together and then we will go shopping for groceries. I will help her carry the bags. And sometimes I'll take her out for lunch or a movie. And sometimes we will go to the mosque for solat jemaah together. I love those moments. I can tell that my mom is so much happier when I'm at home. But my nenek needs someone to look after her too. Since I am working from home, I am the perfect candidate to be my nenek's "part-time nurse". She can't even tell which medicine that she should take or if she has taken them or not and my aunts aren't always around to do that for her. It's okay. At least, my time here won't be spent in vain. At least I have a purpose to be here. Purposes in fact. And I will always be thankful to Allah no matter what.

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