Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nama saya Nurul, bukan Najwa

Makin lama aku makin bosan pulak bila orang asyik panggil aku "Najwa" disebabkan cara pemakaian tudung aku yg kononnya hampir sama dengan cara Najwa Latif, gadis genit bersuara agak merdu (bagi aku) yg terkenal dengan lagu "Cinta Muka Buku" dan "Kosong". Situasi ini bermula cuma sejak aku kembali ke Sabah. No one called me "Najwa" when I was in KL. Heck, no one even bothered about the way I wear my hijab. I still remember the day I came back to KK. Mom, Fatin and Ain took me to the Ramadhan bazaar at Asia City after picking me up from the airport. A man there, one of the hawkers, said to me "Hai Najwa!". I was like, zzzzz.... And then, it never stops. Wherever I go, people will call me Najwa. And sometimes even Yuna. *roll eyes* The funniest thing is, I didn't even know that Najwa's hijab style was similar to mine. Seriously, I couldn't even care less. Not that I have anything against her. I think she's a very talented singer/guitar player. So one day, I googled her because I could no longer hold my curiosity. And, tadaaaaa!!!!

Oklah, aku akui, memang ada persamaan. But contrary to popular belief, my hijab style is actually inspired by a young lady named Syireen Saari. Nope, not a celebrity. Just a regular Malaysian girl who blogs and shares her hijab tutorials on Youtube and who is also studying in the US. Biasalah, masa mula2 start pakai tudung dulu, itu jak lah kerja aku, usha2 hijab tutorials di Youtube. And of all the tutorials available, I like her style the most. I realize that Syireen's style is also inspired by none other than Hana Tajima, but I prefer the former's Youtube tutorials because they are easier to follow. However, cara aku pakai tudung tidaklah 100% sama dengan Syireen. Aku buat cara yg aku rasa paling mudah dan selesa. Typical me, bila sudah selesa dengan something tu, mulalah malas mau belajar cara lain lagi. Especially, cara yg complicated2 tu. Memang ai malas lah ye. Hehe. Anyway, below are some of my favourite hijab tutorials by Syireen in case anyone who is reading this "rojak" post is interested. And remember folks, my name is Nurul, not Najwa! Good night!


  1. your tudung style, is it that unusual at your place? xD

    1. I don't think that this style is unusual in KK. sebab kalau keluar pegi KK tu, I see many girls wearing pashmina/shawls like the ones I always wear jugak. but... yeah, their styles are different lah. maybe those girls pun dapat the same kind of reaction from people jugak kot. haha. but if you're talking about sipitang, saya belum pernah nampak lah yg pakai pashmina. I believe there are, but I haven't seen anyone lah. tudung bawal and tudung instant are more popular here. :-)