Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Sometimes I forgot that I have a blog. I mean, I still tend to use Facebook as a place to vent my frustration in human beings. I need to stop doing that. At least when I rant on my blog, I don't know who my audience is. So no one would mistake that my post/comment was directed at a specific person or a group of people. Y'know how it is on Facebook right? Some people have this stupid tendency to think that every status was shared with them on the poster's mind. *roll eyes* 

I decided to delete the status that I posted just now and share it here instead. Okay, I didn't actually delete it, but I changed the privacy setting so it's visible to well, only me. So, here goes.

Kenapa bila cakap pasal politik (tidak kisah mana2 parti pun), majoriti orang buat dalam keadaan marah2, mengamuk, meroyan, memaki hamun, mencarut, tuding-menuding jari, dan yg sewaktu dengannya? Pada yg muslim tu, mau tanya sikit, Nabi ajar camtu ka? Atas nama memperjuangkan Islam? Nda malukah kita mengaku umat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dengan perangai camtu? Nda payahlah bergaduh2 berperang mulut sana. Ketawa jak Yahudi Zionis tengok. Sebab? They won, we lost. Kbye.

Note: I didn't post this status for likes/comments. I just had to get it out of my head.

I'm just so sick of people who claimed to be the so-called pejuang Islam, but at the same time express their opinion in anger and dirty words, which are against the teaching of Islam. See the irony??? When it comes to politics, I just wish that people could be more civil and level-headed. I believe that each and every one of us, regardless of race and religion, were taught that we should be courteous, tactful, and the most important of all, patient. Yes, we were taught about all that. So can't we just practice it already? Regardless of which political party that you side with? Please?


  1. agreed! but i tend to ignore these kind of people. if we care much they will easily said "mind ur own business" so.. let them be in their world :)

    1. I try to ignore them as much as possible too, but sometimes they are so annoying I just feel so tempted to tell them off. But luckily I have a blog (more like an online diary to me) so I don't have to rant on Facebook anymore. :)