Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 4

Bersungkai dengan Fatin hari ini di Secret Recipe, Mid Valley. I had Mozarella Baked Fish while Fatin had Singapore Laksa. It was nice, I enjoyed it. The size of the fish is becoming smaller and smaller since the first time I had it though. The laksa was surprisingly nice too since any noodle menu from Secret Recipe had always been a letdown for me before. I had the Turkish Indulgence cake for the second time (the first time I ate the cake it was on Faezah hehe) which means that it is GEWWWWWWWD. 10 bintang! Hehe. All in all, we enjoyed our dinner tonight. :)

The only thing that was not so pleasant was when I went for my maghrib prayer at the surau that's located inside Food Junction on level 3. Macam biasalah mesti ada orang berborak punya. Tapi this time, it was like 3 times noisier than I've ever experienced before. It was so annoying and downright DISRESPECTFUL. C'mon girls, Islam taught us to not talk about hal-hal dunia di tempat beribadah kan? So why can't we practice that already? I really wish I had some kind of authority (or the guts) to tell those girls to tone down or be silence altogether while people are praying, but all that I could do was giving them my deadliest "jelingan maut". I can excuse crying babies or kids but ADULTS yg cukup akal? Unless you are brainless, yes, you will do something like that lah. Tolonglah, tolong tolong tolong jangan berborak masa dalam surau/masjid. If you cannot respect people who are praying, I believe you can respect kawasan beribadah kan? So please, stop it, sebelum ada yg kena pelempang nanti. Sama-samalah kita mencari keredhaan Ilahi, bukan kemurkaanNya.

By the way, semalam lepas siapkan kerja dan solat Isyak aku memang berniat untuk update Ramadhan Journal aku. Tapi disebabkan letih ditambah dengan blackout on an off, I didn't. It's okay. It's not like it's an obligation or anything. Zzzz.... Anyways, I'm cooking meatball soup for tomorrow's sahur. Fatin requested for some nuggets. Hehe. Tomorrow mom will be flown in from KK for her kursus on Monday and Tuesday. After the kursus, she will be spending a few days at my place before going to Makcik Tipah's. She'll fly back home next Sunday. Yay boleh sungkai dengan mama pulak! Happiness! :D

Oh, here are some photos taken today! Mau siap-siap masak the meatball soup lepas ni! Selamat bersahur everyone! :) (buat2 macam ada pembaca lagi zzzz)

Camwhoring while waiting for KTM
Daiso, colourful as ever
The yummy Turkish Indulgence
Candid shot by Fatin


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    1. wah tak sangka Pengutuk Dewata pandai memuji juga rupanya. terima kasih atas pujian dewata tersebut I guess? :P